Friday, September 7, 2012

New quran amharic software for you! just for free

Asselamu alikum 

                                     Quran Arabic Amharic side by side on  
                                        Quranamharic Pro V2
                   The Best Islamic software ever done in Amharic 

   Quran Arabic Amharic side by side on Quranamharic Pro V2

Quran Amharic  
Quranamharic Pro V1


Allhamdulillah!  Quran amharic translation software became available. Click the chapters (sura) you want, there for the way to jannah will open unto you. This is flash version can be opend in any computers and mobiles which can open flash file.  You need Adobe flash player to open this file.

Get it hear!  
This version is just perfect! Holy quran in Amharic
1. Opens fast
2. Search enabled..when you search write sura number and and aya like this eg. 4|64|
3. User friendly
4. The pass word is dimtsachinyisema


There is also PDF,  for any mobile set which can read PDF. Press on the sura on your mobile and it will open to you so that you will be relived of any pressure.

Hear is the link to download.

Soon for china mobile and Nokia Symbian  inshallah and quran Amharic with both Arabic and amharic interface.


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  2. Assalamualeykum, Masha Allah you are doing very commandable work may Allah reward you abundantly. We are also doing something like that and for Android and IPhone mobile.
    Please contact us. If you have time.
    Here is our site for Quran.

    Our mail is
    JazakAllahu keyr.

  3. ماشاء الله جزك الله خير

  4. I want amharicquran pro v1 where I can find it ?

  5. I need amharic version Kur'an application, like that of IOTA of amharic bible. Please help me.

  6. Jezakellah brother; may Allah help you in every aspect of your life!!!